Updated: 1st September, 2021
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Bimbolive review

  • Private rooms - get access to private rooms
  • Watch exclusive shows available to Premium users
  • Send FREE private messages to models
  • Play Live-On-Cam with interactive toys


Bimbolive offers you the chance to watch models on their webcam in a couple of different ways. Some models allow you to speak to them privately on the site, while others are tip controlled and you have to tip them to see the models perform various acts. With hundreds of models waiting to speak to you, this is a very busy site, and a great place to hang out.


If you would like to tip a model or speak privately to them then you will have to buy credits on the Bimbolive website. These credits can be bought in bulk if you want to, and that is what offers the best deal on them. By buying in bulk you get them at a much cheaper rate so be sure to consider this when you are making your purchase.


Instead of having to speak to a model privately, you are able to speak to models in free chat, who respond and perform based on tips. With many people logged on at the same time, this can spread the cost out if more than one person is tipping the model. This is a great and different way to get involved with models.

Find your Perfect Model Using the Category Page

If you know what you are looking for on the Bimbolive website, and you don’t want to browse through all the models then visit the category page where you can filter the models you want to see. Whether it is by hair colour, age or body type, you can do all of this and get to the type of model you want even quicker.

Bimbolive offers you the chance to speak via a video call to your favourite model, meaning that they will be able to see a video of you just like you can see them. This adds a whole new dimension to the chat, making it two way with both parties able to see each other. This is a great experience if you have never done it before, and something certainly worth trying.

View the Best New Models

Those who are regular members on the same website will probably know many of the models on the site. If that is you, then a key feature of the Bimbolive is the ability to view only new models to the site. This means you can speak to models when they join the website that you have never spoken to before.

Number of Hosts

There are hundreds of models to choose from when you log onto the Bimbolive website, it doesn’t matter what time you log onto the site. With models from all over the world each time zone is covered well, so you will always have plenty of choice when signing on.


If you are looking for a fun place to head then the Bimbolive website is a great place to speak to some fantastic models. Whether you want to speak privately or join in with others in the tip controlled chat rooms, you can do it all with Bimbolive, giving you the full experience online. With many new models joining the site, and the ability to filter out results to show only models you are interested in, there is a great choice for users on this website.

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