Updated: 1st September, 2021
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Mobile vs. PC: How to Enjoy Upcoming Webcam Session


We are addicted to our smartphones: in fact, that is the easiest way to see and chat with some of our beloved young cam girls; it seems an unquestionable choice. But is it the best choice? Is the use of a smartphone, despite its ease and accessibility, considered the best method of enjoying a webcam show? NONAME WEBCAM works hard not only to give you the list of the best sites, but also gives you a hint how to enjoy them more than anything else. Here are some of the things that you need to take into account when choosing to watch a show on a cell phone or a computer.


Here is the answer to one of the most notorious questions: when it comes to your full-screen enjoyment, size matters! Naturally, the ease and convenience of a miniature device is not something you can argue with, but when you anticipate some juicy fun, the presence of a larger screen can help you to capture all the sweet details that these girls have to offer. In case your key goal is to see it all and not to miss anything, choose to watch your favorite webcam girl on your computer screen.

Start Talking

One of the best methods to interact with webcam models is to chat. Whether you use a mass chat room or a private chat room, almost all models and websites give the opportunity to know the visitors through a chat room. This means that when you ask more about the model or when you begin taking part in the action, a giant portion of the communication with her happens in the chat room. This is not similar to a normal phone or video conversation, when you're just talking to a buddy. Typing is quite fundamental. Having this in mind, the choice between using a computer or a phone for the enjoying beloved models really depends on how you want this communication to take place.

  • Some of you find it easier to type on a normal keyboard, while others have mastered a set of words on a touch screen
  • Think about the size of the screen and how much space will be occupied by the dashboard or a chat window. From this point of view, the computer screen has more advantages, as the chat window is located on the side, and there is not a slightest risk that it will overlap the protruding ladies.
  • As we are addicted to having a large number of conversations via our phones, you can find it more enjoyable or also presentable to talk to these hot young girls with the support of your phone. The introduction of the computer screen, however, has the ability to make this experience more formal and austere.


This is where you have to ask yourself: "how do I connect with my beloved model better than anything else?" When you have finally discovered your favorite website and have found your beloved performer, it is time to think how you can arrange this show in the best way for yourself? For some, the best is to stay in their office chair, watching their beloved girl perform just for them; in this pose, both their hands are free to do whatever they want: it might be the best way to really get to know your cam girl.

Others have all the chances to confess that there is one of the best feelings of intimacy and enjoyment from a performance when you can practically take a girl to bed with you. Think about it! When you use the phone, you can feel the comfort of your own bed or couch, spread out in your beloved pose and imagine your webcam girl right next to you: won’t it make your webcam journey unforgettable?

Just try

As always, I advise you to take a test drive. Literally, just as you worked hard to find the perfect website and the perfect girl, take the time to figure out your best way to enjoy the time online. Play, experiment, and keep an open mind.

Who is behind a "Cam Girl"?

The basic concept of a cam girl is simple: you pay for her time, and she guarantees your comfort and that you’re taken care of: whether taking your clothes off, playing with yourself or others, or having an elementary upbeat conversation with you. When the clothes are taken off, these babes do most, if not all, of the things you have ever had the opportunity to crave. Yes, it’s worth the money in case you agree to remove the clothes and show off your attractive corpse and your sexy prowess.

What is webcam modeling?

The development of Internet technology is constantly generating new types of business, which can be done thanks to the global network. The webcam business (web modeling) has also begun to develop. It became possible to work from home and a new profession emerged - webcam modeling. Webcam models are girls who work in various paid online video chats.

What webcam should I choose?

Using your computer's webcam is always an option, but it is not the most recommended way: the quality will not be the same as when using a camera more suited to the task. Some people may be intimidated by the appearance of this webcam. Very much this device is plump. But one can quickly enough get used to the design, and then you begin to appreciate only the excellent functionality. Together with the webcam Logitech HD Webcam C615 comes a special program that knows how to give the picture a variety of special effects.